How many QR display signs can I have?

To preserve valuable resources, we've limited this to one pass per email.

What if I have multiple-locations?

Most businesses have a key person at each location managing this so each location is required to have a separate account. This ensures the data can be efficiently managed and there is one point of contact for each location.

What if I have 20+ locations and want to manage all in the one place?

Our Enterprise Multi-location version is now available. To receive overview and pricing, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I get my QR display sign?

1. Visit the homepage of and follow the prompts to generate your QR display sign.

What happens when a visitor scans my sign?

Visitors who scan are redirected to the web-app to answer simple questions that you configure in advance. If they answer "yes" to all questions, they are given a pass to present to someone at your premises on entry. They are also provided a link to current social distancing standards.

How can I verify those entering are who they say they are?

This is completely up to you. This is an honesty and acknowledgement system. If you wanted to verify, you could ask for ID on entry to ensure the name matches the information they entered on their pass.

What information does store?

Please review our privacy policy.

What does the free version let me do?

With a free account, you can generate a QR Display Sign for testing purposes only.

What does the paid version let me do?

Paid membership allows you to:

-Login and view all passes generated in an easy to use portal

-Edit your Display Sign Information

-Customise your Questions & Contact Information Fields

-Add additional text fields and a drop down field

-Turn on additional/off additional features such as check-out, Covid-19 tick box and auto purge, custom terms and conditions links & more if this functionality applies to you

-Receive email alerts when a Red Pass is generated

There are different levels of membership which allow higher/lower monthly pass generation limits.

How can I upgrade my free account to a paid membership?

Easy, simply login and follow the prompts. If you can't remember your password, use the password reset function on the login page.


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