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CovidPass™ Helping You Open Safely...

In such uncertain and ever-changing times, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to setup QR codes and connect different technology. Having a simple tool that's already setup and handles your covid visitor screening needs is one extra weight off your shoulders.

CovidPass™ was created early March 2020 by a local team of digital creators who saw the need for a fast, "no-contact" screening tool that could help Australian business open safely.

It works so well because it utilises existing features already built into your smart phone. No app downloads and no account registration required for your customers.

Different Because It Can Detect, Not Just Collect!

Collecting visitor records is an important and enforced requirement in Australia... But doing this alone does not stop a potential spreader entering your premises.

In addition to automating compliant record keeping in a fast & easy manner, CovidPass™ requires your guests to answer simple screening questions. Depending on their answers, visitors then receive a conditional CovidPass™ that can deter someone who may have symptoms from entering your business.

This also gives your customers piece of mind knowing you are taking steps in an effort to keep your premises virus free.

You can also integrate the service with your existing screening process if you're checking visitor temperature on entry.

Immediate Access To Data

When a visitor at your premises signs-in with CovidPass™ the data is instantly transferred straight to your CovidPass™ Portal so you can view records in real-time. Authorities can request detailed copies of your visitor records at any time and if you can't present, you do run the risk of a fine. With the CovidPass™ Portal, you can simply press "Export" to get a complete instant csv that you can easily share with authorities.

There are other "free" QR sign-in services, but if you don't have a portal to access data when needed, you might not be compliant.

Australian Owned & Operated

CovidPass™ is 100% independently Australian owned & operated. Created by Australians for Australians to help contain the spread and open business safely.

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