CovidPass is Australia's original "no contact" QR Code Visitor Screening Tool that was developed to help business owners navigate these ever-changing times with as much ease possible.

In Early March 2020, it became apparent that social distancing alone would not be enough to keep staff, customers and family safe.

Not only were there still a large portion of people out and about but at the time, some customers were ignoring social distancing all together.

Tim Williams, owner of digital agency "A Website That Works For You" realised a time would come when lock downs were to wind back, the economy would start to open back up and businesses needed an easier way to manage visitor screening/contact tracing in an attempt to avoid an outbreak at their premises.

The team at A Website That Works For You set to work developing CovidPass, a web-based QR Code Visitor Screening Tool for business that can:

  • Detect potential spreaders before they enter your premises
  • Encourage safe social distancing standards giving visitors peace of mind
How the covid screening tool works?

Those who visit your premises are asked to scan a QR code on entry.

The visitor is then asked to answer some simple health status questions.

If they pass, they are issued with a green CovidPass valid for the day that contains their answers.

If they fail and pose a potential spread risk, they are issued a red CovidPass and encouraged to call the premises before entering and provided with government recommendation.

Why it works so well?

CovidPass works so well because it is a web-app that uses existing functionality built in to every smart phone. Visitors don't need to download an app, they simply point their camera phone at your display sign to use.

Now is a critical time where keeping the doors open relies heavily on business owners doing their part to contain the spread and avoid further lock down restrictions.

Recent Media:

You can register to try the scanning function. Paid options are available for business users who need more features.

"As digital creators, this is our way of giving back. We hope you find this tool useful.".

For more information please read our frequently asked questions.

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